Ojo Caliente ~ New Mexico ~ by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

Before the Rapture
by MFrostDelaney

The barren trees    a nakedness of sorts
a blue-grey sky    a blanket ready for
a new-born baby waiting in the wing
the stage is set    the dying lean towards death
the ground stays sturdy for the fall    a crib
sarcophagus for rotting bark    for life
that’s grown through frozen soil    neglect    the strife
of learning warmer days tempt sprout from bib
to folded napkin at a feast    from breath
once taken fresh    to checkout sigh ka-ching
the nutrients once fed succumb to hoar-
frost    brittle limbs    the day–this day–consorts
with shutter click    as if it can embalm
not showing next    awakening in calm.


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