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Dusk Is Falling Gently
by Sharmagne Leland-St.John

Dusk is falling gently
Like her silk scarf on the wind
And it's sad to think
I'll never see her again
Yesterday she said "I love you"
But it didn't mean a thing
She's a child of the night
A bird on the wing
I see her running through the meadow
Putting flowers in her hair
She should never have said "I love you"
If her heart wasn't there
I could have loved her too
And never brought her pain
But I don't think
I'll ever see her again
Baby don't take my heart
And play your sad game
If your heart wasn't there
You've got no one to blame

Oh Butterfly
You should have stayed awhile
And let me trace
With hungry lips
The space within your smile
I see the things you left here
A box of paints, your old blue jeans
Now dusk is falling gently while
Night time only holds
Tomorrow's fragile dreams

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