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Happy Trails
Jayne Lester Sergent

A cowboy left our midst today

And takes with him a part ,

Of several blended families,

And everybody's heart.


There were things he missed out on,

But more good things endured.

He finally got that brand new truck,

And Nancy's love was sure.


With children he knew heartache

But also he knew love,

He knew the depth a parent feels;

Asked guidance from above


Donnie had a happy life

And came through tragedy,

A better person for it . . .

A claim that few could plea.


He always was a cowboy

With well-worn jeans and boots

Always on the lookout for

His stagecoach full of loot.


If I could send a message,

"Oh, Donnie,"  I would say,

"Those boots I gave you hell for?"

You've got them on today."


In loving memory of Donald R. Whitley
July 20, 1948 - February 1, 2002

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