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The Color of Water
by Marc Power

Her hair was the color of water,
Translucent, filled with inner light,
Her presence transformed the land around,
What had become profane, again was hallowed ground,
And her smile.

Her eyes bore the pure texture of night,
Slow dancing stars glistened therein,
Brilliant bright, bespangled beauty
Selfless orbs gave witness to our endless suffering,
And her promise.

Her jeweled skin that knew no sin,
In robes of cream and cirrus sapphire,
Clouds sailing majestic across the sky sea,
So gently did she gesture, 'come to me',
And her body.

Her kiss tasted danger and divine,
As she enfolded me in sky and sea,
Drew me deep, hid me in her heart,
There to dwell, under endless spell,
Beneath a wormwood moon.

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