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driving daniella's lullaby
by Kevyn Clark

She says
"You're not an old man,
but you're not a young man anymore,
you're somewhere in the middle of something
and we've talked about this before,
and I won't be your lover
and you won't fall in love..."
pretty soon,
we'll both be home
and this will be over .
Goodnight Danny,
sweet dreams.

So I steal glances
while I'm driving,
trying to make the  curves
and I watch her face
as she explains
that we all get what we deserve.
Another hotel,
another night,
and I watch her sleep alone.
I understand she's happy now,
but I'm still shaking to my bones
Goodnight Danny,
sweet dreams

I won't ever mention love
because you don't want me to,
all this time
passing by
with so much left to do.
I don't want to spoil the fun
of seeing you this way,
the mountains we're driving through
could fall
and it wouldn't matter what I say.
Goodnight Danny,
sweet dreams.

By the time
this trip is through
and you're getting on the plane
we'll both know the reason why
I drive myself insane with this thing.
Still, I can't help watching you
sleeping in that bed,
don't you know
I'd give anything
to be a dream inside your head.
Goodnight Danny,
sweet dreams.

(In a million years
I could close my eyes and see your face
and still not know what to do
because the eloquence of promises
denied me a taste of you
In parting we will brush our lips,
chaste and full of fear,
you know
it will take a million years
to finally let you go.)
Goodnight Danny,
sweet dreams.

from his newly published book of poetry
Corner of Divisadero and Whatever

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