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The Valentine Faery
by Marc Power

I saw you as you came to rest upon my hand
as unexpected as sweetness squeezed from lemons,
tiny and delicate, winged like a dragonfly
with golden smile and dark kohl eye.
It was night and I raised my hand to see
the stars refracted through your diaphanous wing
but raised aloft, there was only one star, in all the black night,

beautiful and sparkling, girl in miniature, frail faery waif
I spoke to you, whispered softly so as not to hurt your tiny ears
your voice was like a wind chime and your kohl eyes incandescent with inner
You were made of light or so it seemed for all around
as you walked or flew around my head a rosy aura hung about,
filled with myriad blue dazzles winking and dancing madly in the air

And as we laughed and were joyful together
I noticed that the rosy sparkling glow that clung in the wake of your movement
your movement
had left its firefly trail of myriad blue dazzles, etched in my heart


Then I awoke.
Damn! Late for work!
Too fast shower hurry dress snatch toast coffee one hand sock struggle
With the other, I crazy salsa-danced to my car, and work.
All day long, all day long, your face was on my mind,
your golden smile and tinkling laugh was all my thoughts would find

Later, next to Ferguson from accounting,
Someone was being introduced around, from the auditors,
I took my place in the row to shake your hand.
"Marc, this is the new auditor from Meeker-Briggs, she will be
working with you on the audit" Ferguson announced cheerily.
I shook your hand and I held on like a loon,
but you didn't seem to notice beisaw there, but I recognized instantly
the incandescent inner radiance that shone from kohl eyes,
your beautiful face, frail and faerie.

"Hi, I'm Marc, delighted that we are to be working together
...happy Valentines day."
I noticed on the lapel of your jacket, a small golden faerie
girl pinned there.

"I am looking forward to this...Happy Valentines...I almost forgot."
you replied and gave me a golden smile. As you moved, a rosy
glow-trail hung
in the still air, myriad blue dazzles winked themselves about
you in halo, the blue dazzles in my heart responded with their own chorus of

I smiled as I heard the gentle tinkling of wind chimes that
sounded with your voice.
This was going to be a very long audit, with lots of late
evenings, I decided


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