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Spanish Steps
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

After lunch at Bolognesé
You said, "I can't go on this way."
But I never dreamt you'd leave me
On the Spanish Steps

That day.

On drives through ancient villages
I saw the sadness in your eyes
Listened to your curt replies
As we forged our way
Along those rutted roads
I knew our gilded
Roman numeraled
Were numbered
Like stones
The crumbling
Ivy covered walls
But I never dreamt you 'd leave me
On the Spanish Steps

That day

The Villa Medici
Michaelangelo, DaVinci
Stolen kisses
In dark museum halls
Strolling hand in hand
Along the cobbled Via Condotti
All the silky things you bought me
Coins we tossed
In sculpted fountains
Could not buy the wishes
Sleeping in my heart

That day

As you sped along the curving highway
of the Appia Antica
I knew we were not destined
To be lovers
Forever and a day
I sensed it
From the very start
But I never dreamt
You'd leave me
On the Spanish Steps

That way

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