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Love I Have Wanted
by Kay Weeks

Love, for long,
in soft words that come before song,
I have wanted to tell you
what you bring.

Love, you know because you have heard
the way my tongue turns to shale,
how I babble death around the dying,
laugh when laughter is wrong.

Love, for long,
for years I have groped for bone,
felt for wing-feather,
reached for bend and soar and hold,
yet see here,
I am still stringing sound chains
that stop and start
and bind us hopelessly in form
Love, I have not wanted this,
I have not wanted to give you small beads
one by one like word-shots
cracked out of mouth barrel,
I have not wanted to pierce the skin
or rip off the rind, or riddle us clean
to leave us more alive.

Love, I know now we lie beyond talk.
Can you hear us coming back,
coming back to each other softly
in the dark quiet, deeper than quiet itself?

Love, I have wanted,
Love, if anything can give voice
to what I long to tell
it will be my silence
singing what you bring.


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