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When The Stars Seem Further Away
by Larry Egort

Faith, it’s more than a creed
Or kneeling down to pray
It’s in your time of need
When you feel you’ve lost your way
That you learn to stand up
When the darkness won’t let up
And the stars seem further away

Love, it’s more than a kiss
Or passing moments of bliss
It’s the journey along the way
And if temptation sets in
Love will rein you in
It’s waking up with you each and every day
Even when the stars seem further away

Life, it’s more than the air you breathe
Or just making it through the day
It’s the path you take
Where others turn away
And in the dark of night
You still follow the light
When the stars seem further away

Your eyes are more than they see
An ivory-blue mystery
They’re open when you dream
And when I’m lost at sea
They’re closer than they seem
Like a beacon shining over me
When the stars seem further away


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