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In The Palm of Your Hand
by Phibby Venable

You want a reading of the life line in the palm of your hand
I hold your hands so that I can see the destiny in one
and what you have chosen in the other.
The headline is deep, past knowledge leaves an imprint.
The heart line cuts across your hand, foolish with a knapsack,
traveling the world in a circle of bad choices.
I bend to read, and we are knee to knee, our hair touching,
our eyes searching for the route of least resistance
through this maze of fine lines and detours.
I see skepticism floating in the base of your thumb
and fear in the old scars of a knife wound.
There is creativity in the long curve of your fingers,
but you are impatient and demand to know,
if I can see money, which is the whole point of this reading.
Instead I see love falter in a forked measure of line.
as you stalk off angry through an open room of treasure,
a blind man fumbling for a gold mine.


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