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To the Moon on the Subject of Darkness

Landing –
Phosphor lapping at the edges
of the shore, mingled
with moonlight, full upon the swaying
of your bower – nightingales are still
now silent in the cedars, awed
by the disturbance of clouds
across the face of Artemis –

O, Orion has not yet risen
from his bed to join you, perpetually
waiting – wind
n the willow oaks – sway
with them, sleeping
in the slack water

your dreams
in the resoundment.

by Peter Shefler

Previously published in St. Julian Press

To the Moon on the Subject of Darkness
             If anyone ever addressed you, it was
             with a breathless “where are you going?” R.M. Rilke

I have been waiting
       and now you appear
between dark branches
       luminous as a man

who has seen the edge
       of the universe. I've missed
you and asked questions
       of everything white:

frost birch and fog,
       an egret feather that fell
into the palm, snow's possibility
       of rumor, even your missing

reflection but night
       moved to the bed
of the river and stood nude
       and mute in its shadow.

The sky, like me, emptied too,
      but for a few stars
who dared to tell
       you were the same

moon who made a mirror
       of yourself in the white
fruited Rowan, who sheltered the poet
       as he slept in the cradle

of the sphinx. The one
       who lit the face
of Buddha as he realized
       that nothing is ever lost

in the universe. The last time
       I saw you, you were waning
gibbous, floating east as a daydream,
       in the blue. Like Orion I have learned

to wait. I can lose this belt of stars.
       We are, each of us, astronomers
and I am not afraid to leave you alone
       with what is yours.

by Lois P. Jones

Previously published in St. Julian Press

To the Moon on the Subject of Darkness
by Lois P. Jones
Copyright 2011

Landing -
Photography and Poem as Invocation
by Peter Shefler
Copyright 2011


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