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by Flor de té


On this day    in that town
it is raining

in that town
it is always raining

on this day    in that town
the sky is composing blues

I say
the color of my daughter's eyes


on this day
her old Ford and I are lost
in that town
we are always lost

because it is always raining
raining on the way to see
the lady with a thousand orchids

though the lady does not know me
and I do not know the lady

heavy drops of rain
bounce on the roof of the car
the screeches of windshield wipers
beat down their chant

beat down my chant
beat me

I say
I am here
I am looking for a flower


on this day
the sky is composing blues
some say
the color of sadness


I say
I am here
I am looking for a flower

the lady asks me to choose
I choose

my daughter's blue eyes
are stilled
to her hair I pin a cymbidium


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