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everything I had was blue
by Sharmagne Leland-St. John

the cotton dress I wore that day
the sapphire sky
the train upon which I arrived
the river flowing past our little town
the periwinkles in the window box
my eyes, my mood, my muse
the curling smoke from your cigar
the willow plates upon the cupboard shelves
the hydrangea soap I used to bathe myself
the veins on the back of my own hand
the notes I sang
somewhat out of tune
everything I had was blue
the taper's flame
the ink inside my pen
my socks and shoes
the night
my rose tattoo
the lacy camisole that slipped
drifted off my shoulders
toward the floor
but did not fall
the moon
the Picasso print hanging on the bedroom wall

everything I had was blue

even the notepaper
upon which you wrote the words:

"I love you" and "Goodbye"  

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