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The Physics of Time
by Maralee Gerke

Neck deep in clouds of
lavender scented bubbles
I close my eyes and
muse on the physics of time.

The pull of gravity
that widens my hips,
compels my breasts to sag,
thrusts the riparian corridors
of my body earthward.

Scars displayed on
my flaccid belly;
proof that I have conquered
significant mountains.

Weighed down,
heat weak, dizzy
I rise from the bath
and rub a worn pink towel
over my changed body.

I need no mirror to show me
the effects of life's' passages.
I am a witness to my own demise.
A life lived in the certainty of mortality.

Then you enter the steamy room,
cup my breast and bury
your mouth in my still wet hair,
I smile. As long as you are
here there is still time.


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