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Everything Just As You Left It
by Candace Turner

Your cup three-quarters full
Coffee puddled in saucer
Your spoon a permanent resident

Our unfinished crossword,
27 down…3 letters remaining.
I've had time to figure it out.

Protected by my coffee and toast,
I begin our breakfast conversation.
         "What would you like to do today?"
         "Do you think you might like to try that new place for dinner?"

Silence reprimands me.
I know you were never a morning person.
Air grows heavy when
a breeze whispers,
         "Harry, please pass the cream"

The pitcher wobbles in my outstretched hand.
         Suspended in yesterdays.

A phone rings and rings
         "Harry & Anne aren't home right now.
         Please leave a message"

There's no one, but you, I want to talk to.
         And you're not here.

I fill my cup with Sambuca.
         Once, twice, three times.

         I can almost see you.


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