Engaged to Marry
by Gail Denham

Engaged to marry, that I was last year
I never doubted Edward’s love for me
He ever called me “darling” and “my dear”

Still there crept in a tiny bit of fear
It happened while Ed was down upon one knee
Engaged to marry, now I was, last year

Ed’s knee cracked loud when he was back in gear
Was this the robust man I longed to see
He ever called me “darling” and “my dear”

I watched my Ed so close, and it was clear
He burped and that’s not all he did, so free
Engaged to marry, here I was, last year

Yet one day I did learn a fact so drear
My Edward had a plan. We’d live at sea
Now he really called me “darling” and “my dear”

“I’m sorry Ed,” I cried. We were so near
“It’s clear we’re not well suited. This can’t be”
No more engaged to marry. This ain’t my year.
Poor Ed. He ‘ere repeated “darling” and “my dear”

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