Blue Tin Sky
by Greg Gregory
68 pages, 54 poems
Price: $16.00
ISBN: 978-1-7326501-0-0
Publisher: Avenafatua Press
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In his collection, Blue Tin Sky, the author has made a selection from among the
poems that he has written over the past 25 years. Rather than placing them in strict
chronological order he has arranged them in four sections that develop a progression of
awareness through age and time.

The first section includes poems that leave impressions that often intrude into our
consciousness when we are not really intending to think of them. These range from the
memory of a motherís tale, to a gas-station stop, to a death, to a night of furniture moving
in an old truck. Section two is a more personal one that involves reflections of the
authorís own past, including his old house and his feelings about San Francisco in the
sixties. Section three further develops a personal theme with his wife and granddaughter,
and section four comes back to writing, and its actual meaning with poems including, A
Poetís Dinner with Ghosts.
This collection takes the reader through a journey of one
poetís record of moments of clarity in the often seemingly random experiences of life.


It is my pleasure to own your book, Iím enjoying it very much and recommending it to
all! Your poetry is beautiful and moving. I hope you reach many readers and earn many
fans! Weíre delighted that you submit to us. Thank you. We hope to see you again soon.Ē
—Cleo Griffith, Editorial Board, Song of the San Joaquin


Greg Gregory was born in Washington, DC and raised in Los Angeles. He lived for 14
years in the San Francisco Bay area, attending San Francisco State in the late sixties.
Greg has had a career in educational media, but his first love has always been language
and the printed word. Greg currently lives and writes in Sacramento, California with his wife Rita.

Gregís poems have appeared in many literary journals in the United States, Canada and
Great Britain including, Quill and Parchment, California Quarterly, Windsor Review
Poetry Nottingham, Ibbetson Street Press,
and Song of the San Joaquin.


Late Picnic

by Greg Gregory

Old bones
know the season.

A panoply of
spring pleasures
ripe with sweet juice,
peaches full on the branch,
just inside the skin
waiting to burst.

Leaves drift off
onto the bone
of the ground,
weaving together all the
nameless things of
shadow and nameless
things of light.

I stop here. The lake
shines smooth with
the silver skin
of autumn water.

Across the lake
birds sail southward,
evanescent as dance,
leaving no record
of themselves.

I wait here
for the appearance
of stars and a full
peach-colored moon.

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