Walking Together
          Beginning with a line from Stanley Kunitz

by Wilda Morris

I have walked through many lives
as Iíve journeyed through the years
and you have walked through mine.

I was loved and taught to love
but Iíve moved a dozen times.
I have walked through many lives

and Iíve left good friends behind.
When I walked into your life
and you walked into mine

then our very lives entwined.
Hand and heart together joined
we have walked through many lives.

Almost fifty years have passed
since we lived our separate lives,
since first you walked through mine—

since the day that I said yes
as we strolled beneath the pines.
We have walked through many lives;
Iím so glad you walked through mine.

The first line is from Stanley Kunitz, ďThe Layers,Ē The Collected Poems (New
York & London: W. W. Norton & Company, 2000), pp. 217-8.

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