The Life-Changer
by Melanie Claire Blinn Eulberg

That year, that day
that afternoon
that first moment
my heart becomes
a whirling windsock
pulse thunder

Tall in your leather jacket
deftly mustachioed
sideburned, flat-capped
gliding to a stop
in your top-down MG
you step out

With X-ray clarity
I quick-scan myself
ragged belled jeans
scarfed unkempt hair
not a dab of makeup
very liberated

As you start upstairs
with your sister
I know I can’t run
feel myself blushing
nerve endings alert
nuzzled forward

my eyes avert
smile quivering
mouth a dry
adobe roof as
we trade small talk

Then our first touch
barest wisp of
your fingertips
leaves a tingling
palm memory surprise
our future

When you go
a place in my soul aches
I feed it my questions—
just one diary entry or a gift to explore
potential zenith or catastrophe
briefly flabbergasting or maybe love

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