Love's Timeless Journey
by Mark Fleisher

Forty-three years
since that night
at your place when
with blushed faces
we climbed upstairs
and nuzzled under the stars
as a gentle zephyr
rippled an intruding
windsock affixed
to the roof

Never knowing what
became of me, you
were flabbergasted
when my surprising
letter arrived

When we met again
that October afternoon
the memory of your
blue eyes were etched
in the diary of my heart
where it remains
to this very day

My leather shoes
gathered dust as we
walked a sandy path
alone except for
a covey of quail
rustling through
the underbrush

What might an X-ray
reveal of my heart
pounding like thunder
just being with you?

In time your place
became our place
filled with the gift
of love nurturing us
in a time of catastrophe


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