Loveís Vivid Transparence
An abecedarian poem
by Michael Escoubas

Afternoon quietude, your cheeks
Blush as you weigh the
Catastrophe of my finding your
Diary … its pages filled with secret things, your
Eyes, innocent as doves,
Flabbergasted that anyone would chance upon your writings—
Gifts equal in living changingness to
Heart palpitations breathing your essence—
Its vivid pages feel the salt of my tears. Iím
Just a man wanting nothing more than to
Know where he stands. I wear a
Leather jacket in
Memory of woodland walks on gusty nights,
Nuzzling on wet roads, lusty emotions shared—
Our love seems secure in
Places subtle as a covey of
Quail hiding in bushy thickets, then rising above
Rooftops, their sudden appearance
Surprising as
Thunder shattering the
Upstairs windows of my heart. At that
Very instant, when our eyes met, our love became a
Windsock catching air, indicating right direction. An
X-ray of my heart would not reveal a single
Year or day when we were anything less than a bouquet of
Zinnias dancing in sunny air.

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