Fragrance of a Friend
by Scott Shaffer

As I walk in, an alluring aroma floats my way.
“Hon, is that what I think it is?!” I’ve been wrestling
to change plane reservations—first by computer,

then in person. To assuage my frustration,
my dear wife has surprised me with my favorite dessert—
just-out-of-the-oven, blueberry crisp! Crumbly topping,

blueberries peeking—it’s a work of art! An enticing,
sweet scent of baked cinnamon, oats, and brown sugar
fills our home; seeps into my soul; triumphs over

the sour odor of life not working. Her heart to serve
emits an even better fragrance, delighting her
and gracing me. Other’s concerns, victories, defeats

daily fill her mind. She breathes putting others ahead
of herself, like my nearby elderly mom. She thinks often
how to gift family and friends with a call, text, kind word,

or tangible treasure. Her others’ focus enchants like a pleasing
bouquet: she exudes genuine compassion and generosity;
you know she wants to walk with you in your great battle.

As my senses feast on blueberry crisp,
I’m struck that my favorite person’s personal perfume
is special indeed—the fragrance of a faithful and true Friend.


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