Love Me Tender
by Candace Turner

I couldn’t help but notice
the elderly couple
maneuver their way
through the happy-hour crowd
to an empty booth

The lounge patrons
dressed in shorts,
tees and flip flops
a sharp contrast
to his baggy, black suit,
white shirt, loosely knotted red tie
with one noticeable stain

He gathers the folds of
her bright yellow summer dress
as she eases onto the bench
Her Sunday best pill-box hat sits
untethered on her bald head.

I overhear the waiter
Good to see you this Sunday
afternoon, George. The usual for
you and Martha?”

He orders red
She orders white
His age-spotted hand steadies her glass
She sips through bloodless lips.
Wedding rings shine in the
afternoon sun

I drown in the love
that fills their space

Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley


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