Love: Chance or Choice?
by Jane Lang

We took our chances because
when love enters a door, age bows
to it and seemingly dissolves.

We were on the fast-track and
would rue any one or thing in
our way, in our need to be together.

We took our chances, he invested
time and patience in me, a dedicated
land-lover, with high hopes I would
become the able crew to set the lines,
pull fenders, aboard our Knotty Lady.

Years flew like brisk wind until a nearly
undetected weariness set in, its unwanted
surprises, setbacks billowing in its wake.

Each blow seemed conquerable
until it wasn't.

Until the dark of a March night called
him and said, "Well-done. There is now
no more pain, I promise...come with me."

We took our chances and I just know
if he were here, we would cram
another 50 years of love into 15 and
do it all over again...


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