Still Possible
by David Whyte
19 Poems ~ 9 Narratives ~ 12 B/W Illustrations ~ 156 Pages
Format: 4 ¼’’ x 7’’ ~ Perfect Bound
Publisher: Many Rivers Press
ISBN: 978-1-932887-55-6
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One only needs to observe the seasonal changes to gain a sense of the passing of time. We find ourselves parroting clichés, It seems like only yesterday … or where has the time gone? We turn around and our children, now grown, no longer need us in the way they once did. We’re retired and wondering about the harvest of our lives. About the meaning of it all.

A treasure of encouragement is packed into David Whyte's latest collection, Still Possible. This poet will have nothing to with platitudes or easy answers to hard problems. What he does is reach deep into his own soul for answers. What he learns is like a candle illuminating the darkness. Still Possible is about light and hope and the harvest that is still possible.


As I reflect on my life at midpoint in my seventh decade, David Whyte’s latest collection speaks into the vulnerabilities of my life. Decisions made in my youth return to haunt my inner man. I often wonder if I have achieved enough, if I have loved unselfishly; if I have made the most of the time allotted to me in this life. I find, in Still Possible, fresh air, new glimmers of light that suggest a resounding, Yes, to those very questions and many more. This volume takes a deep dive into that which is “still possible.”
—Michael Escoubas, author of Images: A Collection of Ekphrastic Poetry

As a Native American poet, concert performer lyricist, artist, and film maker, I am constantly writing, publishing, and managing a hectic schedule. David Whyte’s practical life-wisdom has never ceased to lift my spirits when the pressures of life begin to weigh me down. My bookshelf is a showcase of David’s poetry. Still Possible finds its rightful place among his other superb works.
—Sharmange Leland-St. John, author of A Raga for George Harrison and The Trip


David Whyte is an internationally acclaimed poet and philosopher. He makes his home in the Pacific Northwest, where rain and changeable skies remind him of the other, more distant homes from which he comes: Yorkshire, Wales and Ireland. He travels and lectures throughout the world, bringing his own and others’ poetry to large audiences.

He holds a degree in Marine Zoology and is the recipient of honorary degrees from Neumann College and Royal Roads University. He is the author of eleven books of poetry and four books of prose, as well as a collection of audio recordings.


by David Whyte

your distant love affair
is with yourself,
and that

no one
can play harder to get:

the unwritten letters,
the plays for time,
the heartbreak
over never being
properly answered.

That coy look
of false seduction
in the mirror,
or that hard look

to hide
what should not
be hidden.

The invitation
To undoing,
and to allowing
yourself to want
at last
what you feel
you never deserved,

the fervent wish
to come closer,

and the loving
of understanding
you say
to yourself
when you finally admit
to it all,
the only declaration
that counts.


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