by Wesley D. Sims

It seemed a cosmic time
when influential orbits crossed
to double intersecting waves
and magnify the moment.

A late Spring rain bounced
across the thirsty ridge,
left ozone-freshened air
to titillate the nostrils.

Dark screens of yesterday, dammed
by unconsidered words and deeds
with little forethought, were tossed
in the rippled pool of forgiveness.

We danced in dialogue
along the golden night shore,
her syllables soft, delicate, flowing,
mine earthy, uneven but romantic.

Her fine-tuned, sensitive ears
caught each word I uttered,
gauged sound, inflection, color,
until she measured meaning

in between
the lines
and sensed some thoughts
I did not have to speak.

Our focused waves, acute sensations
quickened beat of hearts.
Energy lept from skin to skin
as fingertips made contact.

The way the moon glow lustered
gold her hair and glossed the arched curves
of her mouth painted a scene to savor.
Words and emotions summed to breathlessness.

The cosmos wrapped music, motion,
feeling, into our special slice of time,
memorialized in case we never get back
to this special place again.


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