Photography Credit: Lenora Rain-Lee Good

Ice Dragons, Dancing
by Lenora Rain-Lee Good

The inside pane
of the double paned window
has a hole covered by cardboard
and just enough tape to hold it.

Enough moisture escaped
while the frigid winter air
came through
to blow against my ankles,
my body, my senses of decorum.

Moisture exhaled
by humans, by animal
and kitchen still
slipped to the outer window
morphed into Ice Dragons
dancing upon the glass.

They moved, reproduced,
posed for photos until
the drafts escaping
became too much.
Taped a bubble envelope
over the cardboard, covered
all four sides with tape
on window
with tape on envelope
Ankles are warmer
body is warmer
the Ice Dragons
no longer dance
upon the window.

My beloved Ice Dragons
like Icarus in heat
of the summer sun
have fallen
to their eternity.

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