You are the Moon; I am the Qiantang River
by Yingcai

Not to sadden me
You sneak away from behind

With a face full of brooding expressions
You travel in the sky
Unable to return any night
Rippling a river full of thought streams
I stay by the sea
Yearning each night for you to return
Although we are a thousand miles apart
We are close in heart

When night falls
Longing for me
You open the clouds
And gaze at me
Casting the image of your
graceful face upon my heart
Longing for you
I open my bosom
To receive you
The crystalline waves stroking
your agreeable image

Your love
Is witnessed by Earth and Heaven
My loyalty
Attested by the sun and the moon

When you can no longer stand the torture of love
You move towards me
And my love waves surge up
When I can no longer bear the pain of love
I surge towards you
And you attract me with your gravity

With my love and company
You appear especially bright in the sky
With your love and company
I am especially resplendent in the great river
The scene of the moon over the Qiantang River
Is the scene of the Qiantang River under the moon


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