Hunting for Shark’s Teeth–Poems
by Renee Butner
36 Poems ~ 45 pages
Price: $12.25
Publisher: Lulu Press
ISBN #: 978-1-312-48589-1
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With the use of vivid imagery and emotive language, these poems reflect on life in the South, family and relationships, and the poet's love of the ocean. While the book title reflects a passion developed as a child on Edisto Island, SC, where she vacationed annually with family, it is a metaphor for her search for peace and happiness as well.


“I found Renee Butner’s debut collection scintillating to my senses. In her poem “Five Senses,” she captures the essence of the whole, ‘The ocean winds blow vigorously today / so that each grain of sand stings, / a thousand needle prickles.’ Whatever Butner may have been hunting for when she penned this volume, she has certainly found a new devotee to her poetry.”
–Michael Escoubas, author of Ripples Into the Light: PhotoPoetry, with Photographer, Vandana Bajikar

“Renee Butner's Hunting for Shark's Teeth is a sensory trip to the south and the shore at the intersection of place and memory. The scents and sounds of the shore provide a background pulse to her writing.”
–Jennifer Dotson, Author of Late-Night Talk Show Fantasy & Other Poems (Kelsay Books, 2024)


Renee Butner is a published poet, mother, grandmother and chocolaterie/ice cream shop owner. Renee lives in Winston-Salem, NC, but dreams of someday living at the beach. In her free time she enjoys traveling, reading, running, acrylic painting and cooking. Her poem “Forest King: earned a place in the Highland Park Public Art Poetry Contest, and her poem “Silver Moments” won second prize in the Piedmont Plus Silver Games.

Her poems have appeared in more than twenty-five publications including NC Poetry in Plain Sight, Acta Victoriana, Haiku Journal and two “microchaps” for Origami Poems Project.


by Renee Butner

The hungry restless sea
crashes against the pier,
reaching upward.

White spray laces
the air as the wind
whips the waves
into a frothy frenzy.

Gulls struggle against
the pull of the draft
and attempt to perch
on the pilings.

Several hardy surfers
are testing the chop
keeping a sharp eye
on the lines.

Those who stroll
on the sand have
shoulders stooped,
bowed by the force
of the approaching gale.

The town makes ready
for the onslaught.

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