The Streitmatter's Journey to America
by Clay Johnson
Genre: Historical Biography
Price: $12.00 print ~ Kindle $4.99
Format: 6" x 9" ~ Perfect Bound
43 color illustrations ~ 63 pages
Publisher: Clay Johnson
ISBN: 9798872908647
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Writer Clay Johnson’s debut book serves as a powerful testament to the strength and perseverance of a family who overcame numerous obstacles on their journey to a new life. Through their unwavering spirit and resilience, they inspire us all to push through adversity and never give up on our dreams.


“In an age where immigration is making unprecedented headlines in America, Clay Johnson chronicles the experiences of his ancestors, the Streitmatter family. With superb writing skills Johnson reveals conditions in the German state of Baden in the decade of the 1840s. These conditions, little known today, helped me understand what motivated upwards of 60,000 Germans to seek a new and better life in America. Additionally, The Streitmatter’s Journey to America stimulated my thinking about immigration in the present moment.”
–Michael Escoubas, author, Monet in Poetry and Paint

“I found Clay Johnson’s, The Streitmatter’s Journey to America an interesting and informative read. As a Native American, my ancestors were already here! Over the centuries my people have experienced persecution and exile from within as well. On that level I can relate. Because of Johnson’s insights I feel challenged to do everything I can to improve my country, helping her to be that welcoming place to which so many aspire. Suffering often works for good.”
–Sharmagne Leland-St. John, author, Images: A Collection of Ekphrastic Poetry


Clay Johnson actively researched the migration of the Streitmatter family to America. He is the 4th great-grandson of Michael and Anna Streitmatter. Clay has an impressive academic background, having earned a Master’s degree in Information Technology, a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, and an Associate degree in Data Processing Technology. He worked in various professional positions, including Computer Programmer, Senior Systems Analyst, Videographer, Senior Multi-Media Specialist, and others. His hobbies include caving, drumming, sports and videography. He is a devout Christian and shares his life with his lovely wife, Lisa.


Fleeing For Freedom

by Clay Johnson

Many people, like the Streitmatter’s, fled Baden during the Baden Revolution to escape persecution and violence. In May 1849, as government forces began to suppress the revolution, many people quickly left the country by the thousands. This included skilled craftsmen and laborers.


        It is estimated that tens of thousands left Baden in the months and years following the revolution. Many were political refugees seeking asylum in other countries, such as Switzerland and the United States.

       The scale of the exodus from Baden during this time was significant and had a lasting impact on the demographics and culture of the region. Many refugees who fled during the Baden Revolution contributed essentially to their new communities and the broader history of German immigration and political activism.


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