Now that I have a fractured foot,
by Wilda Morris

Ed, you are my grab bar, my shopper,
my taxi driver, my chauffeur,
my parlor maid and floor mopper.

You are my duster and vacuum sweeper,
my valet and baggage handler,
my manager and my keeper.

You are my counselor and priest
my comforter and foot massager;
if not my doctor, my nurse, at least.

My physical therapist and caterer,
my cook, my sous chef and my table setter,
my dish washer and, of course, my waiter.

You are my joker and my punner,
When not making me laugh, you are
my bank clerk and my errand runner.

You are truly my spirit booster.
For years, I was your little red hen
but now you are my faithful red rooster.


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