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Where Does Your Culture End and Mine Begin?
  by Sharmagne Leland-St.John and Kaila Chan

Where does your culture end and mine begin?

They call you Asian

They call me Indian

We are Mongoloid the same race

But we grew up, each of us, in a different place

I ask you, "Where does my culture end and yours begin?"

You live in paper houses with walls so thin

I live inside a tipi with walls made of skin

We are of the same race

But each of us, grew up, in a different kind of space.

Your way, my way, unique from the start

Yet we were born one spirit, deep within two hearts

Our cultures entwined

Yours and mine

Here in the jasmine scented night I wish upon a star

And feel my sister's smile, shining from afar

The arms of family reaching to the wind

I ask you, "Where does my culture end and yours begin?

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