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Ah, The Secrets of the Night Sky!
by Sharmagne Leland-St.John

Yes, I have slipped out each night
onto the viewing balcony
or up to the shadowy snowcapped hill
and I have gazed dreamily at the stars
in this winter sky
and knew that somewhere on this planet
you were doing the same
and like a mirror
when I looked up at
the brightest star
in the star cluster you
told me was Pleiades
the Seven Sisters
I saw your face reflected on it's surface
millions of light years away
plus the mileage from Sundance to L.A.
all those miles from here to you and back again
and I carried the image into my dreams
like a sleeping child
Ah, the secrets of the night sky!

The Greek name for this star cluster is Pleiades or the Seven Sisters but it
is also commonly known in Native American lore as Pigs In Heaven (Tsalagi),
Flock of Doves ( possibly San Poil), and the Lost Children (Blackfoot).  In
Hawai'i this cluster is called Makali'i or "little eyes" and had some meaning
for a seasonal event in ancient days.

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