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Winter Winds
Sara Wadington

I feel so empty once again
For the one thing I dare not desire
Winter winds blow arctic air
In this dark night so still I stand
As time blows by
Leaving streaks of silver in my hair
Yearning to enter
This ancient sun god's lair
My heart beats hard
Desire rages inside
Never to be shown
Not on the outside
Never would I dare

I stand alone in this storm of multitudes
Passion churning conflict inside my heart
Of all the things I shouldn't do
Bits off time swirl up around me
Ageless desires spin out of control
Parts of me blown away
Frozen as they reach higher altitudes

I have fallen so far it seems
Spent this life climbing back
Only to slip down again
I stand under these stars
Wondering what it all means
Once in another time
All vanished as if a dream

So here I stand closer to the top
Within the frozen winds
There is something that I cannot say
Feeling that irresistible force within
As the inferno melts the ice away
That I have not the will to stop

The stroke of love divine
Winter winds made calm subside
So softly from the east
The horizon begins to glow
Warmth spreads over the land
The sky colors itself with purple and gold
On this I turn my minds eye

For it is the brightness
And possibilities
Of a new dawn
Filling my emptiness
And so to the sun I am drawn

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