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by Jelena Andjelkovic

Sweet oranges blossom
On my lips
And bear fruit
In my kiss:
I am your serpent and your Eve.
I am your Mother Earth,
For I receive your precious seeds
And offer forbidden fruit:
I hand you fire,
Pass on eternal flame like torch.
This scorching desire
Will reduce you to ashes,
And seduce you
To rising like Phoenix again,
Ever stronger.
I am the color of pleasure and pain
Of birth and resurrection,
The seeker of perfection
In our human un-perfect-ness.
I am a goddess
And a shameless whore.
I am more than you ever believed
A woman could be.
Look at me:
Soak up wisdom of the ages from my eyes!
Drink up knowledge of sages
Between my thighs
Plant seeds of enlightenment
In my earth,
And I will birth you suns
And moons;
I will make the tides move.
I will call the winds
And dance the rains away for you.
Give me the truth
Locked up in your heart,
And I will part seas for you.
But tonight,
Just kiss me before you go,
And pretend you donít know
What this offering means.
Take this fruit from my hand,
And pretend
You donít see sweet oranges
Blossom on my lips.






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