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The President Who Would Be King
by Richard Moll
First the father then the son,
Now the dynasty has begun.
Another term, hey! start a war.
Hasnít that been done before?
Barring that thereís Jeb the brother.
After him will they find another?
Could it be a sister, niece, aunt or cousin?
Hey! We have to keep the dynasty buzzin'
He says we must have the Patriot's Act.
We must comply and thatís the fact.
How many wars? How many dead?
Until his ego is sated and fed?
But for me I donít care what heís said.
Without freedom, weíre better off dead.
He says he knows whatís good for you.
Now isnít that what tyrants do?
So hereís my advice, hear what I say.
Vote to keep his kind away!


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