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It Is the Dawning of
the Age of Leviticus
 by John Enright
America, I am so afraid for you
with your tobacco taliban
your airport no-joke zones
your fear and enclosure laws
your half-cocked self-theocracy
and your declared state of war
on anyone who does not look
like you do in the mirrors of
public bathrooms or the camera
eyes of your Republican god.
America, I am so sick for you
who wants to eat my children
calling them battalions and platoons,
who wants to suck the planet dry
because it can, who can cancel
all futures to feed its own present
obscene in its feasting on ignorance
obese from eating its own offspring
and then suckling itself on its own
engorged and cancerous teats.
America, I am so ashamed for you.
You are just a drunken whore
asking for more, the child with a gun
in a high school classroom killing
anyone who reads, everyone who thinks.
You are the demigod that does not care
obedient to a power that is not there.
America, your mindlessness has become
the new definition of evil, but
what does that mean to you?

From his recent collection On Turning 60


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