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And Then There Was Love
by James Navé

Comfortable afternoon love, between
the sheets love, inconvenient wet love, love

that leaves marks, night and day under the sun
love, back seat oh baby, baby, road love,

beach love, high tide love, squeeze me tight
on the porch after dinner moon love, well-done

love, medium rare all you can eat love, boots
in air love, let me down easy love, musk drunk

love, Paris love, chocolate love, hot love, blood
love, heart love, soul love. Mississippi Delta

love, the kind of love that drives preachers crazy
and makes BB play the blues. The kind of love that

makes you unafraid of your tongue. The kind of love
that smells like mud washing down to the unfinished

sea. The kind of love, brothers and sisters,
that gets busy when the river floods.


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