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Marlon Brando’s Stanley is Wet
by Derek Collins

I don’t go up the elevator this evening
I don’t walk her to her door this evening
Nor do I come inside
Which in turn does not allow me
To walk backwards to the elevator
In hopes that she will open her door
If just to see me one more time
Before I’m gone
She gets out of the car
Small puddles on her glasses
That were gathered
On the walk from the restaurant
To the car
She enters the elevator
I race out of the parking garage
Past the gate
Park in the drive
And run to the grass
Before she even reaches the second floor
Appears on the mezzanine
Standing here in the pouring rain
And I call out
She stops
Turns left
Looks right
And smiles
Are you sure you don’t want me to come up?
I say
But think
Are you sure you don’t want me to stay?
You’re getting soaked
It does seem that way
It’s worth it
You’re insane
This is possible
But you’re laughing
You can’t come up tonight
I know
But I wanted you to know
That I was willing to stand out in the rain
And yell up to you
If for nothing else than to talk to you for one more minute
Before I’m gone
You’re nuts
It was worth it
I turn to leave
I turn back to watch her walk in
She’s gone
I go to the car
Take a pen
A coat
A piece of paper
And a hardback book
I go back to the grass
And sit under a low hanging tree near the wooded area
I put the coat on the ground
I put the book under the paper
The paper under the pen
And myself on top of the coat
And I write
Standing here in the pouring rain
You look so beautiful
I get washed away
In the arms of the undertow
Your world seems out of reach today
You tell me not tonight
And I have to leave
Turn and go back to my home
Then I see you smile
And I remember why
In this moment I will find you
In this moment I will remember you
And I stop
Collect my belongings
And walk back to the car
Face to the sky
She is in the rain


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