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From Ralph Murre, publisher:

"So what's up at Little Eagle Press?", you ask - or maybe you don't - but I'll tell you anyway:

We here at Little Eagle Press – no, truthfully – I here at Little Eagle Press, am wildly proud to
announce publication of the first book to receive the press’ R. M. Arvinson Manuscript of the
Year Award. The book is Michael Koehler’s RED BOOTS, a collection from one of Wisconsin’s
finest, which leads the reader through a good bit of Koehler’s life - his longings, his triumphs,
his blues. Women. Brothers. The road. The loss of a father and the finding of a poet.

Michael Koehler seems to find the poem wherever he looks, but takes it home and polishes
it beautifully before putting it on display. Somehow, he does this without losing a feeling of
immediacy, a sense of conversation. Here's the first poem in the book:




On the floor

in front of the couch,

a chilled white wine,

diamond beads sliding

down the stems of the goblets,

the neck of the bottle.

The steady beat of the fire,

pulsing like a wild heart.

The sap in a log heats up,

sends fingers of sparks into the dark.

Love between old friends is like this-

low red light, a slow burn,

the whisper of flames.

There are poems here that will stay with you; poems that I believe will become a part of you.
The book contains a rather handsome 82 pages, including 17 of my own pen & ink drawings
inspired by this manuscript.
You may order RED BOOTS, by Michael Koehler, f or $12.00 plus $3.00 s&h from:
ISBN: 978-0-9823419-5-7
Little Eagle Press
PO Box 684
Bailey's Harbor, WI 54202

checks cheerfully accepted
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