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A short film about the benefits of moon travel for those on earth.

Arron Shiver's Irish entry Good Luck, Mr. Gorski (2011) launches an alternative
history where Neil Armstrong
taking his fateful step onto the moonturns to the
camera and cryptically comments, "Good luck, Mr. Gorski." An elderly couple
watching this on television ponders just what it could mean? Especially since
their last name is Gorski. The concept snowballs into absurdity and remains
hilarious throughout, punctuated by great comedic performances by its two
lead actors.
- Michael Guillen, The Evening Class blog

A terrific little film.
- Salman Rushdie

Writer/Producer Allegra Huston
Director:Arron Shiver
Producer/Director of Photography:David Jean Schweitzer
Editor: Stephen Boucher
Production Designer: Erin Eagleton & Johnny Long  
Costume Designer: Tatyana de Pavloff

Fran Martone - Mrs. Gorski
Gary Houston - Mr. Gorski
Sebastian Rose - Neil
Rebekah Wiggins - Mrs. Armstrong
Logan Luiz - Billy
Drago Sumonja - CIA Agent
Morse Bicknell - CIA Agent
William Sterchi - CIA Boss
Bruce McIntosh - NASA Guy

Country: U.S.A./ Ireland
Running time: 15 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Awards: Taos Shortz Film Fest (WINNER: People's Choice Award)
Albuquerque Film Festival (WINNER: Best New Mexico Short)


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