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Guitar Man
My darling, you were wonderful tonight.
                 —Eric Clapton
by Sharon Auberle

So you're out one night in Vanessa's Bar
listening to old love songs,
when sudden tears well up
and it hurts so damn good
'cause you're remembering another night
when you heard that song—

    that time when somebody whispered to you
    my darling, you look wonderful tonight

and the guitar man hits a wrong note,
it doesn't matter—all the wrong notes
you've hit in your life gone.
Then he smiles and goes on,
you smile—lost in reverie
everyone smiles, while

the bartender keeps pouring Guinness,
the well-worn waitress brushes back her hair,
and out on Sullivan Street a night rain begins
trickling down Vanessa's windows
like small, black tears…

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