Metal Horse and Shadows: A Soulís Journey
by Deenaz Paymaster Coachbuilder
102 poems, Essays and Original Art, 149 pages
Price: $20.00
ISBN: 978-0-991-3085-1-4
Publisher: Deenaz Paymaster Coachbuilder
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The Poems within Me, appears early in Dr. Deenaz Coachbuilderís second book-length
collection, Metal Horse and Shadows: A Soulís Journey. This autobiographical poem
serves as a succinct summary of the entire work. If you appreciate the poetry of
environmental justice, if you appreciate the poetry of nature, wildlife and conservancy, if
you appreciate poetry informed by applied scientific studies, if you appreciate original
paintings which bring out the poetís passion in each of these areas of vital interest, donít
delay in ordering your copy of Metal Horse. You will be gifted with ďa scroll of
tantalizing memories unfolding from the unopened containers in the poetís heart.Ē


In her second book of poetry, Metal Horse and Shadows: A Soulís Journey, Dr. Deenaz
Coachbuilder mounts a metaphorical metal horse. Together they continue her soulís
eternal journey, begun in Imperfect Fragments, galloping head-on: searching, observing,
questioning, questioning, and reporting, with courage and strength.
—Joan Koerper, MSW, Ph.D. is an educator and social and environmental activist.

When you take up Metal Horse and Shadows: A Soulís Journey, you will walk in gardens
lush with blossoming, feel the oceanís tidal pull within your cells, weep over the rainbow
iridescence slowly fading from the wings of a dead dragonfly. You will come to share
Deenazí gentleness and yearnings, her reachings from deep within herself to touch and be
a part of the unity of all things.
—Sheri Linder, Ph.D. is the author of Opening Edenís Gate.


Dr. Deenaz Coachbuilder is an educator, artist, poet, and environmental advocate. She is
a retired school principal and professor in special education, past president Center for
Community Action and Environmental Justice and India Association of the Inland
Empire, and a consultant in speech pathology. She received a Doctoral degree in theater
arts from Brigham Young University, a Master of Science degree in communicative
disorders from Utah State University and Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees
from Bombay University. Her writing has been published internationally. Her book of
poems, Imperfect Fragments, has been received with critical acclaim.


I saw a coyote
by Deenaz Coachbuilder

I saw a shy coyote this morning on my way
back from Starbucks

a warm California day, the street quiet
after the morning rush

hunched beside a bare tree, bereft
of bush or sheltering rock

her scant red brown fur glinting in the sunlight
lowered head and drooping tail

like Ruth, far from home
lost amid the alien city.

Would that I could scoop her up
shelter her in canyons

to flourish in her native home
where no town usurps

her ancient

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