Ask me, Dear Heart, about Death and Dying
by Carole Mertz

When I am come home, I’ll be relieved. My life will have had its old business settled. I’ll know that it’s OK to sit by the moonlight in winter. I’ll know on the final flight my dream, my desire, my darkness framed will have been worthwhile. And God, who sends comforting sunflowers to me, will guide me through the sudden mountain storm. Though growing dim, though losing track, I’ll know it was never too late to remember, to say thank you, to cry through my personal sea of sighs, to say my good-byes, then to arrive at the coast and let the coast starlight tug me along. God speaks his private message to me: Dear heart, your journey’s just begun … Yet one more surprise, the catch and release of this life requires just one more journey, the bittersweet surrender, the time and place where the dance of crows and doves desists, allows me to enter the sweet empty spaces, the emergence, that brief interlude before eternal peace.


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