Come Walk with Me: Poems Reflecting Walks Around Devon
by Annie Jenkin
25 poems ~ Color Artwork ~ 50 pages
8 ½’’ x 5 ½’’ Saddle-wire stitched
Price: $15.00
ISBN: 978-81-8253-816-0
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In Come Walk with Me poet Annie Jenkin invites fortunate readers to share parts of her world. You will need sturdy walking shoes, a wooden staff, clothing sufficient for all four seasons, and, oh yes, better pack a light lunch too. Jenkin lives in a big world. Her home turf is county Devon, UK; she calls Plymouth her hometown. Jenkin’s poetry reflects a wide range of countryside, pathways, farmlands, rivers, and seacoast. Numberless animals, fishes, and birds animate the poet’s world. You don’t have to be a nature lover to enjoy this book … with that said, these appealing and accessible poems will provide hours of delight.


Read Annie Jenkin’s poetry collection Come Walk with Me and you will feel as if you have accompanied her on of the many walks around Devon which inspired her verse. Whether by the sea, or in fields, or woodland, Annie’s writing picks you up and places you firmly in the environment. Her words and style, by turns descriptive, distinctive and full of delight, just like Devon itself. And, like all good walks, you will be left feeling positive and relaxed.
—William Telford, author and journalist, member of Plymouth Atheneum Writers

Annie Jenkin’s love for nature shines through every page as she invites us to hike with her through the varied landscapes of Devon. She paints waves, wildflowers and birds for the reader, and invites us to appreciate the moor, mosses, field mice, and rocks “stitched / to the sea.” There are touches of humor, and a couple of historical tidbits in the conversational free verse poetry. If you are caught in a “cobweb of emotions,” you may find that joining Annie in this walk through the English countryside is soothing.
—Wilda Morris, author of Pequod Poems: Gamming with Moby Dick and past president, Illinois State Poetry Society

One of the most influential poets of the last century, Wallace Stevens, once wrote, Poetry is a response to the daily necessity of getting the world right. As I read the poems in Annie Jenkin’s debut collection, I noticed that she is doing more than simply writing poems about nature, she is nourishing the human spirit by blending those qualities she finds in the natural world, with the impulse in all of us to “get the world right.”
—Michael Escoubas, author of Monet in Poetry and Paint


British poet Annie Jenkin lives in Devon, a beautiful part of the UK. Walking on the moors and by the coastline, triggers her main poetic interests. Vocationally, Jenkin is a career healthcare professional having earned a Professorship in Emergency Care for teaching excellence and achievement as well as an Honorary Fellowship by the British College of Paramedic. Jenkin is considered an authority in the emergency healthcare field. Her heart for healing and for people is reflected in her poetry. In her love of nature, as in medicine, nothing escapes her notice. Jenkin’s work appears regularly in the highly respected online poetry journal Quill and Parchment, and The Avocet, as well as in anthologies produced locally by The Waterfront Writers.


Summer Acrobats

by Annie Jenkin

Scanning clear blue skies
listening intently, I hear
the long high-pitched shrieks
as a swoop of swifts appear.
Like high-speed black boomerangs
zooming through still summer air,
flickering moves that dart and skim
in effortless aerial displays.
A seasonal treasure to savour
before autumn beckons
their return to Africa.


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