Reclaiming the Aura
by MFrostDelaney

There's a River by the Edge of Town
near the mountain’s foot where I go
to find my true Karma that’s been lost
in the chaos of life. Resetting the Aperture
in my soul is like a game of Catch
and Release
when I go so deep
into my Sea of Sighs I can’t see
the Sunflowers. The Walking Rain
has turned to thrashing tumults,
stampeded them.

Then I remember, Mary Oliver
Wants to Die When It's Raining

and I Ask Me—yes, myself,
Do I really think today is about death?


I pray for Circles of Light to
surround the storm and make
the endless Losing Track
catch and keep November away
because blizzards are worse than rain.

Then my Sudden Mountain Storm lifts
into the slopes, tempest is gone,
I hear Cicadas, their chirps enveloping me.
I am bathed by The Coast Starlight
that shimmers at the edge of the lake,
chaos is banished to yesterday. Gentle
Karma returns telling me, Forget
past angst. Your journey's just begun …

into the star light.


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