River Poem
by Neil Leadbeater

There’s a River by the Edge of Town.
Ophelia wanted to put it in her camera:
boats, barges, locks and all
but when she looked
Through the Heavy Gray
all she could see was darkness Framing
the Empty Spaces like a Winter Spell
when, just then, she would rather be
Serenaded by Sunflowers.

Resetting the Aperture

was A Blessing.
Don’t Ask Me why
but somehow it caught the Afternoon Mood
making it the Best Day of the Year.

In The Mood for Orange
Lady Autumn
Sweeping Through October

remembered Simpler Days—
that Longing for Spring in November
the Emergence of daffodils
after a Vermont Snowfall
or the radiance of Moonlight in Winter—
So many seasons
rising out of the river water
her face
on the surface film.


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