What To Do?
by Gail Denham

Our city was Losing Track of the hundreds
Of Homeless camps along our freeways.
Soon there might be no Empty Spaces
left for these folks to erect their tents.

Back when I was younger, in Simpler Days,
I was always thankful I had my Grampy
to run to if I was in trouble. He’d take me in.
So accepting, so homespun and kind.

How I loved that man. Years were gaining
on him, but in his mind it was Never Too Late
to kick up his heels. Grampy was mighty popular
with the ladies. Especially Two Women from
the church who brought him special dishes.

There was one special lady. The Ritual
With Grampy
was to walk slowly by her house
some afternoons. Of course this lady would
invite him in for tea. He often took Mrs. Gilhooly
down at the Elks Lodge Saturday night.

Of course she created special dishes for him.
You Ask About Ham! Mrs. Gilhooly made
an over-the-top ham omelet to die for.
She’d have one ready for after the dance.

Now, as I pass two more tents, on the sidewalk
at 5th & Revere, I shake myself. My Dream of those
great times with Grampy have faded into Old Business.
What can we ever do about all these Homeless folks?


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