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Summer Wind
by Bradley Fralick, DMD

The summer wind blows hard, making the invisible air visible by whipping the dust on the ground into dirt devils, tiny tornados. you thought, there were only tornados in the midwest. When us non-mid westerners say, "yeah, I'VE seen a tornado before" that is what we are referring to.

I imagine the solar winds, which are only found in outer space. I do not actually know where one will find them. However, I would imagine those types of winds are actually just waves of electromagnetism flowing away from their source, the sun.

I imagine these could be sailed using the same principle one uses to sailclimactic winds, namely by the principal of a wing. Sailing involves placing a sail which, is really just a wing, into the path of the wind with the wind blowing across it, causing it to undergo lift. And since the sail/wing is firmly attached to a boat, the forces generated by the lift on the sail/wing are transferred to it.

Now, probably solar winds could be sailed in the same manner. Using a method by which to detect solar winds being pushed away from the sun, these too could be harnessed, as are climatic winds used for traditional sailing.
Since these winds are generally invisible, hence no matter is being moved, they would need to be made of say solar collectors to turn the energy from the sun into something such as physical energy. I don't actually see how this could be done, but, the principle is there, and conceivably it should be able to work.


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