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Once upon a time a couple of baby birds fell out of their nest.  It was way up high in the electric lines over the road, the nest had fallen apart, and the little baby birds had fallen out.  Only two survived.  I named them Peepers and Jeepers.

  I fed them a little baby animal formula at first, then worms, worms, worms from morning till night  for ten days or more.   My friend helped gather worms from her yard.  There was a garden across the street, and the owners  said I could dig for all the worms I needed.  I found lots of earth  worms there, which was a good thing because these little birdies liked to eat a lot every hour on the hour.  They were very demanding, at the crack of dawn they started screeching and calling until I crawled out of bed and fed them some worms.  Which isn't easy when your eyes are only half open.  And this would continue all day until well after dark when they finally fell asleep.

    They grew very quickly, which was also good, because I didn't know how much more of being a mother bird I could take.  Pretty soon they started flying around the house and I knew it was time for them to be outside. 


    I still had to feed them worms when they were outside, but they started losing interest when they realized there were other more tasty things to eat.

  Then one day they came to say goodbye, each taking one last worm from me, to be polite I guess.


    And that was the last time they came for worms.  They stayed up in the trees, and I believe hooked up with some other starlings, and lived happily every after.

    Now  as the months have gone by,  once in awhile I notice two Starlings looking down at me from above,  and wonder if they're  Peepers and Jeepers.


The End

Pictures by Helen Seyfried and Words by Sara Wadington


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